Membership Privileges

MEMBERSHIP to the San Francisco Broker's Club begins with an application and once approved a $1200.00 annual membership fee. Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards and Business checks are accepted. A registered number will be assigned and a DATA code designation number assigned for your specific background that identifies the area of broker trading. No broker names or any other information are ever released to any organization. The stock symbol and a short outline is forwarded prior to attendance of a company  presentation, and we provide a detailed summary about the company for the broker to view beforehand. This media allows a broker to check certain facts and get prepared.

Club events are held at many 5 Star venues located in San Francisco. SFBC provides an association with privileges designed for the modern media individual broker to make smart choices after being given the story and the facts. Brokers can now decide if it's an opportunity to buy or wait and see. Our overall long term strategy is that SFBC members hear their story while the stock price is under valued. It’s a win- win, when a broker picks a stock and buys it because of the presentation he or she attended. Our membership offers certain financial opportunities and when our brokers and their clients make money we have succeeded in our plan. The San Francisco Broker's Club invites  brokers to look at our advantages and take notice of our services for consideration. Thank you.

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