Membership & Benefits

  • Gain access to many undervalued companies for specific buying opportunities.
  • Develop your specialized asset allocation strategy for added growth opportunities.
  • When you are selecting a three or four prong approach in establishing a portfolio of companies to invest in, with SFBC you can personally meet with the CEO or President and discuss their company’s future at the presentation. Afterwards, the key decision rests on whether the future of the company has growth opportunities. As Mark Twain once said,” I am more concerned about the return OF my money than the return ON my money”.
  • Expand your knowledge by our specialized management e-mail alerts as they reach the media. (SFBC offers a service that reports news breaking events that affect your industry).
  • As a SFBC member, you can network with your professional peers to evaluate and discuss many options that were not possible before. Your questions and the company's questions are answered.  Thus, your ability to evaluate, question and decide based on what you heard and what was said as a response makes buying easier. These answers begin to form a path for investors to see some business clarity in making a decision based upon specific feedback.
  • SFBC attending members are required to respond to feedback questionnaires as part of the membership agreement from SFBC when attending presentations. These are membership rules of the club and are enforced as an intricate part of our membership guidelines for future attendance.
  • SFBC members can attend specialized one on one meetings with any management officer, CEO, or President, who was there at the time presentation for further discussions in private.
  • SFBC members register with specific markets in mind to ensure they have are given first chance in buying opportunities, when stock prices are low and the analyst coverage is minimal. Our specialized targeted fields of interest are aimed at getting in early.
The San Francisco Brokers Club welcomes all types of brokers, and their clients to join them attending any of our business presentations sponsored by SFBC.

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